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Everything you must know about the best esports betting sites in India

The term esports is electronic sports refers to a game, which is played on computer by professional or amateur players throughout the world. There are varieties of games that are played on the level and the betting opportunity varies according to the game.

Each year there were several tournaments held by esports that have major and minor leagues to provide betting experiences to gamblers. Moreover, with the growing demand for esports, this industry becomes bigger day by day with esports and sponsorship both a dollar and 100 with different team players. 

However, not all esports sites are secure and safe. With the increasing numbers of users, there is a mass increase of varieties of sites. Although some are rated as defrauds while others are not secure while doing online payment options. Therefore, it is most important to pick up a website, which you can trust. Unfortunately finding that type of website is difficult as there are several esports betting sites each year. The market is flooded with thousands of websites providing betting options on their platform and chasing potential customers to their channel.

Best esports betting sites

While exploring thousands of dating sites we have concluded with these five betting sites that you can trust

Some factors which make the best esports betting sites

Convenience to use

Ease and convenience is the first element that a user chooses when opting for further betting sites. Its user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer service will attract more and more gamblers to their website.

Varieties of betting options

Varieties of betting options are also the key factor for choosing the betting sites for esports. In addition to varieties of betting options website also offers additional options like match winners and money lines to do the better for a specific interval.

Multiple-way of payment

Earlier payment in esports betting sites is a massive hassle. However, nowadays most online gambling sites offer esports bets with multiple ways of payment methods to choose from. Some of the common payment methods are PayPal, UPI, and net banking.


We are living in a world where the most reviewed betting site becomes a scam. But it doesn’t mean that reviews are not important. They also matter as they build an ability to destroy or make the reputation of anything available on the Internet including esports betting sites. Online reviews can make or break the reputation of online esports sites.